USA Appliance Repair Services as an Example of Big Government

So far I’ve kept my politics to myself here, and despite the political nature of this post I don’t wish to persuade anyone to follow a certain political standing. This evening, I just want to show how big government can be a good thing for civilization.

If we pretend your best local appliance repair company is a government and a client with a broken appliance who needs repair services is a citizen with a problem, we can see how government is necessary for solving certain problems in society.

To be honest I lean more on the right side of the political spectrum because joining the marines really gave me a new perceptive on world affairs, but I agree with people on the left when they say big government has the potential to solve major problems in society. Maybe a government regulating prices or wages is going too far, but imagine if you were trying to get an appliance repaired but there were no companies in your local area to repair it.

This is like asking “imagine if your neighbors were stealing from you but there was no government to help you stop them.” The reason these questions are the same is because the answer is the same: you’d have to solve the problem yourself without help. It should be easy to understand that not everyone is capable of repairing their own appliances let alone dealing with thieves and so this is why outside help is needed for society.

A broken refrigerator can be a metaphor for a pothole in the road. If we were all left to repair our own appliances it would be like all of us left to repair the potholes ourselves. Having a government with the power and finances to intervene in public problems is like an appliance repair company with the tools and the skills to repair a malfunctioning dish washing machine. This also proves the importance of appliance repair companies once again.

It’s possible to expound on this further, but like I said I don’t want to persuade anyone. I simply want to get my case out there and you can decide what you think for yourself. So I’ll end it here. I appreciate your visit!

My 2020 Resolution Update (March)

And so March is wrapping up as another finished month of 2020 and I’ve been analyzing how I’ve been doing on the goal I set. My goal was to get better at fixing different kinds of appliances. It feels like I’m not learning fast enough but I have this sense that by the end of the year when I look back in retrospect that I actually did learn a lot.

Little facts here and there add up until eventually you’re a walking expert. I hear it’s important to “specialize” and if appliance repair services aren’t specialized enough then I better be good at fixing fridges. So far I’ve been all over the place with my learning. I’ve learned how to fix some microwave ovens of brands I never worked with before. I also learned how to fix a commercial freezer, which I’m quite proud of.

This update, I hoped, would also serve as a reminder so that anyone out there who hasn’t been analyzing their goals might think about them a bit. Now I know I sound like a know-it-all but I had to remind myself many times before I did anything, and I feel a lot better for it. Months back, my original goal plans were outlined clearly but still kind of vague when I really tried to imagine them.

So here I am trying to imagine my goals again and they’re a lot more clear than they were in January. I can’t wait for what the rest of the year has in store!

Why I Love Appliance Repair (Part 2)

This is part two of explaining to all you lovely blog readers why I love appliance repair so much. People may come here for the fly fishing content but I’m an appliance repair technician by trade so let me persuade you of my craft for a little bit. You might find that content about appliances is just as interesting as content about fishing with flies.

I want to create a list of 5 major reasons why everyone should love appliance repair services. Before that, though, I want to expound a bit on why I think it’s important to even talk about all this in the first place. Just like how a doctor might think it’s important to talk about medicine or how a scientist might think it’s important to educate the youth, appliance repair is a part of society and without it there would be a piece missing. That goes for every craft and profession!

And so, if deep sea fish deserve a place on the internet then so does this topic. If you haven’t read part one yet, I suggest you do because I’ll be delving into some new stuff now and part one will give you some context.

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Appliance Repair

why everyone should love appliance repair
why everyone should love appliance repair

Unless you live in the jungle and hunt and forage for all of your food, or live some other lifestyle that doesn’t include using appliances everyday, then what I’m about to say next applies to you. Mostly everyone uses appliances everyday, and so here are 5 things you’ve been taking for granted, most likely. People like me might not take these things for granted because they work with appliances everyday.

Reason #1: Tim Efficiency

If everyone had to do their own appliance repair then that would take up so much time. First of all, people who are NOT good with technical stuff (you know who you are) might have to call a friend anyways and people who might already know how to fix a fridge could be better off using their time for other stuff. Having appliance repair technicians on call means priests and lawyers can be attending to their own business rather than fixing their appliances.

Reason #2: Hazard Prevention

Leaving people who have no electrical experience to suddenly pick up a screw driver and sea what’s in their broken appliance can lead to electric hazards. Imagine if a young man who just moved out on his own has to repair a microwave and forgets to unplug it or didn’t even know he had to unplug it before he fished around in there with a metal object. No one would be around to help him if he electrocuted himself. Having appliance techs on the ready prevents this from happening.

Reason #3: Saves Money

It might be hard to conceive how paying for something saves money but imagine if there were no appliance techs near me and, without any appliance repair experience, I had to get my modern two-door fridge repaired. If I was a wealthy man and just wanted the problem solved quickly I might, rather than hassle around trying to repair it, just get the fridge replaced and let someone have the broken one for free. If I did this, it would be a lot more expensive than getting the broken one repaired. Companies like Beaumont Appliance Repair, which I know can be trusted with quality services, save society money everyday by repairing appliances so people don’t have to replace them expensively.

Reason #4: Aids Grocery Commerce

Imagine a world where, suddenly, everyone’s appliance broke down at once! Companies that repair appliances would be so busy that people would have to resort to eating out or ordering food delivery rather than cook at home in the kitchen. This would never happen, but the parable points to a lesson. No further explanation is needed on this one.

Reason #5: Made in America!

Increasingly more as the years tick along, appliances parts intended to be used in the United States of America are being made in China. But some appliance manufacturers, like Weber with their Summit line of BBQs, are manufactured in America. I might be wrong but I’ve noticed how there’s been a public interest in increasing USA’s production here at home rather than producing overseas because it strengthens our economy. When Weber Summit BBQs need repairs, it’s like a cyclone of industry where all the profits stay behind our own borders, but that might change soon. Perhaps in the future we can have the benefit of enjoying more “Made in America” appliances.

Fly Fishing Trip Cancelled By COVID-19 Virus

I don’t want this to be a complaining post because I am all for the effort to stop the coronavirus from spreading but I am sad about my long distance trip being cancelled.

I was going to meet a friend in Sweden who wanted to learn how to fly fish because he uses a different method of fishing. I thought it would be a cool experiment to try fly fishing in some of the rivers in Sweden where people say it can’t be done. You never know what’s possible if you try things a different way.

This virus issue won’t be around for ever though so I’ll have to reschedule my trip. All is well that ends well, I guess!

My 2020 Resolution

I hope you made your New Year resolution already and have made a bit of progress in making it come true. Tonight I want to chat about my goal this year and what it means to me.

My New Year’s resolution may not be that interesting to you, but it goes as follows: I want to get more skilled and knowledgeable at fixing commercial appliances. When it comes to domestic appliances I’m as pro as it gets, but when it comes to the commercial side of things I still have a lot of learning to do and that’s what I want to improve on this year.

I already made some progress by fixing an industrial dish washing machine for a Chinese restaurant the other day and I’m quite proud of that. That’s me. What about you?

What’s your resolution? Do you want to get in shape? Become more creative? Reach financial freedom? Whatever it is you want to do this year in 2020 I hope it’s a success. Just remember that when things get hard there’s nothing wrong with stepping back and assessing the situation. You can do it!

Why Home Appliance Repair is Important in the United States of America…

Hello, and welcome to this new series on my blog about the importance of things. I plan to talk about why fly fishing is important in the USA, along with many other things like refrigerators, blogs, dogs, etc, but today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite topics aside from fishing–home appliance repair services!

In a previous blog post I already talked about why I love appliance repairs, but I didn’t really get into why I think they’re so important for our wonderful country. I want to touch on 4 major points that I think will convince anyone how important this industry really is for Americans. And this goes for the entire planet, too, not just the United States of America. But since I’m an American I’m just going to focus on my domestic homeland.

Before we get started, I want to define “home appliance repair” and differentiate it from other similar services. Unlike some commercial appliance repair companies and all appliance shops, home appliance repair does services right at your home. This means that a technician arrives at your residential location and fixes your broken stove, dishwasher, etc, on your property without you having to truck it to a shop. That’s the major difference between this service and other related ones, so keep that in mind moving forward.

4 Reasons Why Home Service Appliance Repairs are Important for Americans Today!

  1. A family couldn’t cook Christmas turkey if their gas or electric oven wasn’t working.
  2. If no one repaired appliances then all the broken appliances in USA would clog our landfills and go to waste rather than be repaired and be of use again for family homes.
  3. If home appliance services didn’t exist, we would all have to haul our broken appliances to a shop and that is no fun and less convenient than staying at home.
  4. Because we have home appliance repair companies around the country, we can get our fridges, stoves, washing machines, etc, repaired any day of the week in an emergency without waiting days and days for help.

Touching on Point One: Christmas Turkey!

The same point goes for Thanksgiving turkey or any holiday meal. Many of us Americans know how it feels to have an appliance break down at the eleventh-hour of New Year’s Eve or Christmas Eve and that’s no fun. That’s one major reason why home appliance repairs are so important, so that families can rely on their local companies for help when they need it most, in order to get that turkey on the dinner table in time for guests!

Touching on Point Two: Filling Our Landfills!

Like the photo on the top of this post illustrates, broken appliances after being stacked in a pile take up a lot of room, and unless our country found a way to recycle them efficiently at a low cost then we might see our landfills filling up more quickly than wanted if we could not get our appliances fixed.

Without appliance service companies, it would be extremely wasteful and expensive to have to throw them out and replace them with brand new ones every time our microwave, dehumidifier, etc, broke down. Thanks to appliance service businesses, we can recycle our broken freezers, dryers, etc, in the most environmentally-friendly way possible!

Touching on Point Three: Satisfied Customers!

succesfull appliance repair service well done

Because local companies are willing to make the trek to our homes to fix our busted washers, dryers, etc, we don’t have to take them out of the home ourselves and this results in a more comfortable life and many satisfied customers. Like the happy lady in the image above, that’s how I felt when I was blessed with a great service while visiting a friend in the City of Gresham, Oregon, USA. After my friend’s freezer broke down and started leaking water all over the basement floor, we searched for the most reliable home appliance repair Gresham OR had available and the results were great. I certainly smiled in satisfaction after seeing the technician fix the freezer in practically no time at all for a price my friend could easily afford.

Touching on Point Four: Any Day of the Week!

One sector of the home service appliance repair industry is what we call “emergency appliance services.” This would not be possible without companies willing to come to our location. And because of this we can get our fridge repaired in the middle of the night on a Tuesday or our dishwasher repaired at 6am in the morning on a Sunday. Not all companies do this, but it’s only possible because of the aforementioned reasons.

I certainly am grateful for this sector in the industry, and I know many others who are, too. This perhaps is one of the most important reasons of all, and that’s why I saved it for last.


Now, to conclude, let’s have a little activity. I want you to close your eyes and think of 4 additional reasons why home appliance repair services are important for the USA. Think of things we haven’t discussed but are worth mentioning. This activity will cement for you in your mind just how important this industry is, and then maybe you’ll see even more why I love it so much!

Thank you for reading and I hope your Christmas holidays are going wonderfully!

What Presents Are You Fishing For This Christmas in 2019?

If you celebrate Christmas I’d like for you to take the time to think about what presents you’re fishing for. And please accept this as a metaphorical question, because I’m fishing for something no one else can give me. I’m fishing for maturity and sanity in a time of chaos and bad news. Only I can give myself maturity, and that’s my 2020 resolution. Coming into 2020 with 20/20 vision is my goal, picturing all the steps I can make to have the rest of my life a better experience.

So what are you fishing for this season? It might not be metaphorical after all. You could be fishing with a magnet under your kitchen appliances for coins, or you could be fishing for a new golf club or a baseball glove. In that case, if you don’t get what you want, I recommend cruising for what you’re fishing for.

Take the time to think about this and have fun with it, because you can have anything you want if you set your mind to it, and that’s a classic cliche for a good reason!

Fishing For Coins With a Magnet Behind the Home Washer and Dryer

As a fly fisher, I like to fish whenever I can. Sometimes when I go to repair an appliance at a house and there’s a kid there, I give them my plastic fishing rod with a magnet on the line. They use this to look for coins behind the washer and dryer or behind other appliances in the kitchen like the stove or fridge. More than half the time they usually find something metal and it’s not always a coin. Sometimes it’s a key and the parents are always happy about that! Other times the kid finds a coin and it feels good to see them smile and want to spend it.

Doing small fun stuff like this is what makes being an appliance technician and a fisher come together into the same craft!

For more neat stuff related to these subjects, stay in touch with my blog and together we can see my blog grow!

Why a Fly Fisher Loves Appliance Repair

Growing up with my dad in the lakes of Texas I did decades of fly fishing before I ever got into appliance repair as a hobby. This is my story…

Hello, my name is Clara Ruiz. I was born in Odessa, TX, but spent most of my teen years in Fort Worth. My adult life, however, was mostly spent in Idaho, and this is where my story really begins. I lived hours away from the nearest lake and stream so I couldn’t fly fish whenever I wanted to. That’s when I needed a second hobby. Also, I needed to make money, so I thought of how I could combine something I love doing with a service people would give me money for.

Just around the time I started thinking about this my refrigerator broke down. I didn’t think much of it, except that I needed it fixed and couldn’t afford to pay for a professional appliance repair company at the time. So, as you might be expecting I researched how to fix it myself and it was surprisingly fun!

That’s essentially how this fly fisher became an appliance technician. There’s a lot more to my story, and I can’t wait to share this on a different posts in the future. Until then, feel free to read My History page to learn more about my childhood in Texas.

Thanks for visiting and have a good day.